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for artisan butchers.

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Our Story

Otter Valley Farms is a low intensity farm business in the Otter Valley, Devon.

Six miles over the border with Dorset in the Blackdown Hills the farm is made up of land from two ancient farms - Manor Farm, Upottery and Preston Farm, Upottery.

Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, wrote of the Otter Valley:

"The view of the country is the most beautiful landscape in the world... and I do not remember the like in any one place in England".

To this day it has retained this beauty while generating some of the finest produce in the UK!

The Produce

At Otter Valley Farms our main product is fine quality lamb for restaurants serious about provenance, and artisan butchers who are able to cope with sporadic supply through the year.

Hebridean sheep are an ancient breed, not impacted by selective breeding geared to volume production. The Lambs are small and put on weight slowly. Both the ewes and rams have horns and look fearsome but are actually gentle and for the most part friendly. Our Hebridean sheep flock is bred on the farm from controlled blood lines. Birthed in a new lambing shed, the lambs are let out as soon as they are safe from foxes and are grazed year round on the rich Devon grass.

Hebridean lamb is a treat to cook and to eat, being lower in fat and full flavoured. The rack, leg and shoulder are particularly fine, but a slow cooked stew of cheaper cuts has a deeply satisfying flavour. We are always happy to share our favourite recipes- we have found the meat is a delight in tagines and a wide range of other dishes.

We sell our lambs as hoggets, at around 18 months old, by which time the meat has developed a texture and a flavour that makes it highly sought after. If you would like to be supplied with our fantastic produce please get in touch.


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